• Seat Covers For Toyota Hilux 8 (2015-Present), Leather Style

Seat Covers For Toyota Hilux 8 (2015-Present), Leather Style


Product: Seat covers

Fabric color: Black

Stitch color: Gray

Number of seats: 5 seats

A modern and beautiful solution for your interior are the Leather Style model accessories. We offer to purchase seat covers for Toyota Hilux 8, which will make your car unique, more comfortable, and practical. They are sewn from the best automotive materials currently used by leading auto conglomerates for finishing expensive car trims, in the auto business level. It's a soft to the touch and luxurious-looking suede substitute - Alcantara made in Italy. It is used in the seating area details and has a dark graphite shade here. The side zones, back of the seats, as well as headrests and armrests, are made from black Arpatek produced in Germany. It looks solid and provides excellent protection for the seats from various contaminants and wear. To enhance the design of the set, we decided that the decorative stitching should be several shades lighter and stand out against the background of the main materials, highlighting the curves of the structure. The stitching is done with special Coats threads with an interesting texture, provided by double twisting. You can buy a set of covers for the Toyota Hilux interior (2015-present) right now through the website or by phone.

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