• Seat Covers For Toyota Hilux 8 (2015-present), Comfort Style

Seat Covers For Toyota Hilux 8 (2015-present), Comfort Style


Product: Seat covers

Fabric color: Black

Stitch color: Gray

Number of seats: 5 seats

For the interior of this 4-door pickup of class "K4", the 8th generation of which started production in 2015, you can buy seat covers for Toyota Hilux 8 (2015-present) with gray decorative stitching. The products of the Premium Style series can not only provide protection from interior dirt but even from minor damages. The products are tailored and sewn in such a way: the middle part is made of gray automotive fabric, and the side parts and back are made of black eco-leather. The cut and design are developed in such a way that the cover completely matches the shape and size of the seats while providing comfort and a stylish appearance. We strictly control the quality of manufacturing, so all assembly stitches are strong, and the finishing ones are neat. By the way, in places where airbags should deploy, we have provided special seams – they do not hinder this process in an emergency. Products from the Premium line have been tested by years of operation by our clients and have proven to be reliable and wear-resistant.

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