• Seat Covers For Toyota Highlander 3 (2014-2020) Only 5 seats, Dynamic Style

Seat Covers For Toyota Highlander 3 (2014-2020) Only 5 seats, Dynamic Style


Product: Seat covers

Fabric color: Black

Stitch color: Gray

Number of seats: 5 seats

We offer our visitors a unique opportunity: to purchase seat covers for Toyota Highlander from the new collection of car accessories – "Dynamic Style". "Toyota Highlander III" is the third restyled version that has managed to retain the features of all previous generations and, nevertheless, has undergone significant changes.The vehicle is characterized by excellent off-road capability, an improved exterior, a slightly modified interior, and a new color palette for the finish. In addition, the car's technical components have been significantly updated.However, it's not only the vehicle itself that has changed. The accessories have also been improved. One of the top lines is the "Dynamic Style" series. It fully takes into account all the features of this car model and has all the necessary cutouts and clips.The accessories themselves are sewn from black bi-elastic and dark gray automotive fabric. "Coast" threads, which were used for the decorative stitching, are also gray in color. Don't hesitate for another minute! Just a few clicks of the mouse separate you from purchasing seat covers for Toyota Highlander III (2014-2020).

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