• Seat Covers For Toyota Camry XV 50/55 (2011-2017), Leather Style

Seat Covers For Toyota Camry XV 50/55 (2011-2017), Leather Style


Product: Seat covers

Fabric color: Black & brown

Stitch color: Brown

Number of seats: 5 seats

Our Leather Style collection makes the interior much more expressive, brighter, more comfortable, and more solid. Wanted a leather reupholstery? It's better to buy seat covers for Toyota Camry 50 (2011-present) and save your money and time. After all, with proper installation, our products are hardly distinguishable from reupholstery. They also impeccably fit the seats, creating neither bulges nor wrinkles. They are made from expensive luxury materials, which are usually used to decorate the interiors of executive cars and even the seats of the Space X spacecraft program (Alcantara). A large number of details in the set also contribute to an excellent fit and beautiful appearance of the products. This set uses a restrained and noble black-gray shade range, making the interior simultaneously elegant and practical, as maintenance of such covering is reduced to simply wiping off dirt with a damp sponge. The product design is completed with neat decorative stitching in light gray color. Comfortably and quickly place an order on our website and buy covers for the Toyota Camry 50 interior at the manufacturer's price.

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