• Seat Covers For Toyota Camry XV 50/55 (2011-2017), Leather Style

Seat Covers For Toyota Camry XV 50/55 (2011-2017), Leather Style


Product: Seat covers

Fabric color: Black + Red

Stitch color: Red

Number of seats: 5 seats

As an improvement to your interior and protection for the original seat upholstery, you might consider reupholstering. However, this is usually expensive and time-consuming. But if you purchase model-specific covers for the Toyota Camry XV 50/55 (Premium trim) from our Leather Style collection, you'll achieve a faster, more affordable, and equally effective solution. The impressive and high-quality materials we use for this accessory series ensure a luxurious design and durability of the products. They are practical and easy to maintain. The combination of the soft velvety surface of Alcantara in the center of the seats with the glossy texture of Arpatek, very similar to natural leather, makes the interior resemble the solid interiors of more expensive car segments. This set includes black and red Arpatek (inserts on the sides and on the headrests of the seats), dark graphite Alcantara of Italian production. A red textured thread used in the decorative stitching perfectly complements the bright inserts. We invite you to purchase these covers for Toyota Camry 50 (2011-2017) using the order form on our website.

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