• Seat Covers For Toyota Camry XV 50/55 (2011-2017),  Dynamic Style

Seat Covers For Toyota Camry XV 50/55 (2011-2017), Dynamic Style


Product: Seat covers

Fabric color: Black

Stitch color: Brown

Number of seats: 5 seats

The original, factory upholstery of a car may not meet your needs for various reasons. It can wear out, become outdated, or you might simply prefer a more easily maintained material. The aesthetic design of the interior is also important. That's why we offer to buy covers for Toyota Camry 50 (55) from the Dynamic Style line. After installing such a set, you'll feel as if the interior has been reupholstered. This is because our products are tailored precisely to the size of the seats, fit perfectly, and, together with quality materials, this gives a solid and stylish look. For this set, basic materials are chosen: bi-elastic (black color) and Dynamic automotive fabric (dark gray color). Traditionally, woven materials are used in the seating area to provide maximum comfort even on long trips. With water-repellent properties, even automotive fabric is easy to clean. This set uses decorative stitching in brown color (threads from Coats company) for embellishment. Hurry to buy covers for Toyota Camry XV 50/55 to make the interior of your car special, comfortable, and stylish.

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