• Seat Covers for Toyota Avensis 2 (2002-2008), Leather Style

Seat Covers for Toyota Avensis 2 (2002-2008), Leather Style


With our products from the Leather Style collection, your salon will be impressive and quickly transformed. Toyota Avensis 2nd generation (2002–2008) seat covers from Auto goodies are a distinctive blend of premium materials, corporate design, excellent quality, and useful features. Using such accessories is pleasant and convenient. All interior components, from the seats themselves to the armrests, are perfectly sized and shaped to match it.

The set of seat covers is made of 1) branded alcantara (Italy) for the seat's center and the front portion of the back; and 2) German original arpatek (ATN Germany) for the set's side panels and seat backs. The inside covers for the Toyota Avensis 2 are beautifully decorated and quite functional, making life for the car owner much simpler. Choose from one of the kits on this page, then place your order right away.

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