• Seat Covers For Honda Civic 10 (2016-2020), Leather Style

Seat Covers For Honda Civic 10 (2016-2020), Leather Style


Product: Seat covers

Fabric color: Black

Stitch color: Gray

Number of seats: 5 seats

Considering improving your interior and protecting the upholstery from everyday wear and tear? The most optimal way would be to buy seat covers for Honda Civic 10 (2016-2020) from our Leather Style collection. You can see what this accessory looks like in the photo. It's the best alternative to reupholstery available today. Model-specific seat covers from MW Brothers create a second-skin effect, which looks beautiful and makes the use of the sets very convenient in practice. Thanks to the materials, which are black Arpatek and dark gray Alcantara, the seats and the whole cabin will look luxurious and quite solid. The materials are combined considering their features and purposes. Alcantara is used in the center of the seats and creates a comfortable seating area. Arpatek details include the seatbacks, side elements, and partially the tops of the seats, headrests, and armrests. All parts of the Honda Civic 10 seat covers can be cleaned with a damp cloth – this allows you to quickly and easily remove most of the dirt. If you've decided to buy such a set, place your order through the website.

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