• Seat Covers for Alfa Romeo MITO (2008-2018)

Seat Covers for Alfa Romeo MITO (2008-2018)


Branded seat covers for Alfa Romeo MITO (2008–2018) by Auto-goodies give the interior the highest level of security and the ability to update the upholstery and even make it much more comfortable, modern, and useful.

When placed, they are frequently mistaken for a constriction because of how precisely and completely their cut matches the shapes of the seats. But not only this distinguishes our products from similar products on the market. We use exclusively European high-quality materials, and we skillfully blend them into the set's structure while taking into account their individual characteristics. In the catalog, there are three lines of covers.

The Premium Style line mixes eco-leather and branded car fabric. This is a fantastic and reasonably priced alternative to acquire a high-quality interior. Series that cost more are sewed in a marginally different cut. In addition to being more detailed for a more unique look and feel, it is also more exact and offers a superior fit. A combination of waterproof auto fabric and bielastic is used in the Dynamic series. And splendid seat covers for Alfa Romeo Mito of the Leather Style collection are an exquisite combination of alcantara and arpatek.


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